A Lifetime Embracing Health, Wellness and Vitality

As a working mother with a career, a busy household to manage and all the trials and tribulations that that entails, I have always prioritized health and wellbeing for my family.

More than 30 years ago I took this passion and established my own company Activhealth which is now supported by the Wellbeing site.   This company has allowed me to blend my passion for nutritious food, organic supplements, and holistic health whilst making a positive difference to our community in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond.

This blog is about my journey and my company’s commitment to making a positive difference.

Moving from the corporate world into creating (Activhealth & Wellbeing) 

This progression was sparked with the humblest of beginnings – a mother’s quest for the finest and evidence based health foods and supplements to nurture her family.  By balancing the intricate roles of motherhood, partnership, and pioneering entrepreneurship in the health and wellness sphere, I got an eye-opening lesson in resilience and persistence.  It revealed to me the profound truth that nutrition extends beyond the plate; it is the foundation of our existence.

Embracing Wholeness in Health 

More than 30 years ago now, I had an epiphany whilst preparing meals for my family: true wellness transcends the confines of diet. As I started my company, I worked with cutting edge brands and practitioners  to bring the best in nutrition and health to Singapore via the most reputable and evidence based supplements that aid in the most critical aspects of health for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.  My mission evolved to embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing, integrating mental, physical, and emotional harmony. The fusion of organic foods, evidence based supplements, and a lifestyle steeped in wellness became the pillars of my advocacy.

30 Years and still going strong.  

Staying updated in the dynamic world of health food trends and natural supplements is a constant challenge and the industry continues to evolve, inviting me to stay abreast of the latest in superfoods, wellness strategies, and debunking pervasive health myths. Each hurdle encountered was an invitation for growth.

Looking ahead, my passion remains one of empowerment and collective well-being. Opting for health foods, embracing balanced diets, and choosing holistic supplements are acts not just of self-care, but a commitment to improving the lives of those around me.  I warmly invite you to join me in this relentless pursuit of a healthier, more radiant life.