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Justine’s Protein Brownies & Cookies – Assorted Flavors


Assorted Bundle consists of:

12 packs = 2 packs of each 6 flavors


Justine’s Keto Friendly Peanut Butter Protein Cookie 60g


This Keto Friendly Peanut Butter Protein Cookie is soft, sweet & has a velvety & silky texture. It is studded with chunks of peanuts & dark Choc Chips to tantalize your taste buds. When every you are craving peanut butter, this cookie is for you! Besides tasting great, our Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookie is also extremely low in carbs. Just 2.9 g carbs per serve! Plus each 60g serve packs a real protein punch, containing 17.8 g of protein per 60 g cookie.

Justine’s Keto Friendly Raspberry White Choc Protein Cookie 60g


Our Raspberry White Choc Keto Friendly Protein cookie is a soft baked, light and velvety cookie with summery Raspberry flavors and creamy white choc chips that melt on your mouth. This cookie has extremely low carbs, just 1.6g per serve. Each 60g serve contains 16.9g of protein. That is 34% of you DI protein needs.

Justine’s Keto Friendly Choc Fudge Protein Cookie 60g


A moreish chocolate based cookie that’s studded with dark choc chips for an indulgent rich choc fudge flavour, minus the guilt. This delicious soft baked cookie is extremely low carbs, just 1.4 g per serve!

It’s high in protein, delivering 16.0 g of protein per 60 g cookie. That’s 32%DI of your protein needs.

Justine’s Keto Friendly Double Choc Dream Protein Brownie 75g


A soft-baked style brownie, studded with dark choc chips for a real chocolate indulgence!

A great guilt-free quick keto dessert alternative with the benefit of extremely low carbs, just 2.8 g per serve!

Each 75g moreishly rich chocolate dream brownie contains 15.1 g of protein.

Looking for a guilt free chocolate fix? This super charged brownie is for you & will satisfy your chocolate cravings as it has a moist dense texture and rich and creamy taste. It is made with no s added sugar & no wheat or gluten, just pure almond meal for nutrition.

Justine’s Keto Friendly Orange Dark Choc Chip Protein Cookie 60g


A healthier version of your traditional orange choc chip cookie with invigorating, zesty citrus orange flavors & studded with dark chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth. This delicious soft baked cookie is extremely low carbs, just 1.1 g carbs & 0.8 g sugars per 60 g serve. It’s high in protein, 16.2g of protein per 60g serve. That is 32% DI of your protein needs.

Justine’s Keto Friendly Vegan Nutty Choc Protein Cookie 61g


A deliciously moist soft-baked style cookie studded with peanuts and a real hit of chocolate and peanut butter flavors. This supercharged vegan cookie packs a protein punch with 15.0g of protein per 61 g serve. That’s 30% DI of your protein needs.

Plus, it is low in carbs and contains no added sugar as it is naturally sweetened with stevia, leaving it with just 3.0 g of sugar per 61g serve.

Justine’s Keto Afghan Crunch Cookies


Perfect for those wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle or who may have wheat & gluten allergies, are cutting out sugar in their diets, and are following a keto diet.

Each cookie has just 1.9g of carbs & is free from wheat, gluten, dairy & eggs. Ideal for those following a low-carb, keto & vegan dairy-free lifestyle. They are super crunchy, all natural with only natural flavours used & have no added sugar along with a moreish chocolatey coconut taste & provide a healthy 28% DI of Fibre too.

Naturally sweetened with erythritol & made with the finest of ground almond meal, making them your perfect go-to keto snack, minus the guilt. You will love these as much as we do. Great to have with a cuppa, popping into lunch boxes & handbags when that snack attack hits.

Best Before Dates


Peanut Butter – 08 Dec 2024

Raspberry White Chocolate – 08 Dec 2024

Chocolate Fudge – 06 Dec 2024

Chocolate Dream – 09 Dec 2024

Choco Chip – 30 Nov 2024

Afghan Crunch – 07 Jun 2024

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