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At WellbeingSg, we are consumers ourselves. And we have families too.
And that is the reason why we are fanatically obsessed with quality and safety.
The other thing we are obsessed about—research and evidence.

We believe there is a place for health supplements in modern medicine science.
The issue is health supplements run the entire gamut of hearsay to unproven claims.
And we don’t believe in those stuff.

Instead, we love to read into the latest medical journals on trials and clinical studies. (Yes, we are interested in stuff like randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.) Basically, we look at multiple studies (aka meta-analysis) in order to come to an intelligent conclusion on the efficiency and efficacy of each health supplement.

And only after convincing our skeptical minds, will we source for the best and safest health supplement around the world.
We present our findings on WellbeingSg for you.
Because we believe in evidence-based health supplements.


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